Logo Design and Stationery Smart CC

The Brief (the impossible takes a little longer)

The brief for this logo was almost paradoxical. The Company provides consultation & coaching for professionals working in the social welfare sector and has to source materials, devices & information in order to help people with difficulties in many areas of mobility and education.

The brief requested: 'a clean-cut image that would be attractive to professionals, parents and supporters but one that would be fun'.
After some work involving smart materials' surfaces -reflective, textured, modelled etc and considerable cerebral activity (what some would call 'loafing'), we realised that all these virtues were true of each member of the Simpson family. The typeface used for the cartoon, akbar, seems to epitomise this caring, moral, smart, professional but fun attitude.

The smart material that should be used is plastic. The strap line though, should be sober in order to restrain the dynamic font. Some minor alterations and a change of colour by the client and the logo was complete.

smart_logo smart_stationery